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Kelly Hamilton - Branch Director

I love working at the Boys & Girls Clubs because I have a passion for working with youth and appreciate the opportunity to be a part of their lives as they learn, grow and explore their unique interests. The Club is Salida’s most comprehensive youth program outside of the school day, and it is an honor to lead our staff in providing a high-quality enriching experience for youth. As a mother of school-aged children, I know first hand the importance of quality programming and love it when my own kids choose to come to the Club.

Tessie Jo Ortega - Senior Program Director

Working with kids and in community-oriented projects has been a part of who I am for as long as I can remember. When I had the opportunity to work at Boys & Girls Clubs here in Salida as a summer staff, I was impressed with the vibrant energy of the kids and also with the variety of fun activities that were offered in one place! After living in Chile and Salida, I am now happy to call this place home and to have the chance to have fun every day as I help support the growing youth in our community.

Cally Novak - Youth Development Professional - Arts

Matt Sweeney - Youth Development Professional - Sports & Fitness Programs

I first learned about the Sports Coordinator position while playing pickleball, and as a person who has coached and always been sports-oriented, the idea of being the person “who could play games with the kids in the gym and get them moving” sounded great. I love the fact that because the kids, their families and staff run into each other outside the Club constantly, it makes the community feel that much more tight-knit. When I first started my job here, my initial fear was that the kids would think I'm lame, because I play weird sports like pickleball, computer games like Minecraft and talk about cartoons, but it turns out that we do all that same stuff at the Club and the kids love it!

Keri Thorpe - Front Desk

I am a Kindergarten teacher at Longfellow Elementary School here in Salida and love to be able to reconnect with the kids outside of the school day! I especially enjoy sharing their passion and excitement as they discover a hidden talent or special interest.  I first learned of all the great activities at the Boys & Girls Club while teaching summer school here and am enjoying working here now too!

Colleen Fleming - Americorps Member

After working with America Reads through college, I knew I wanted to spend another year working with youth.  The opportunity to move to Salida and be part of an organization like the Boys and Girls Club, that makes such a positive impact on so many lives, was one I just couldn't pass up.  I am excited to spend the year building positive relationships with kids and exploring beautiful Colorado!
Branch Director: Jennifer Wood
P: 719.395.7014 / C: 719.221.2095
Branch Director: Kelly Hamilton
P: 719.539.9500
Executive Director: Brian Beaulieu
P.O. Box 1430, Salida, Colorado 81201
P: 719.539.9500 / Email:

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